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Questions for Lovely People

Thanks to thetempeststormx for tagging me!


1. Always post the rules.

2. Answer the questions from the person who tagged you and write 11 questions for them to answer.

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Here are my questions:

1. If you had the perfect chance to enact revenge on someone, would you do it? Or would you let karma take care of them?

So many people I don’t even know where to start. Just kidding I do and it would do a John Tucker Must Die revenge on my ex.   

2.Team Galaxy or Team iPhone? (Even if you don’t own either just pick one you think is better.)

Team iPhone just because I know how to work it better and there are a lot more products available to the iPhone. I love mine :3

3. Do you think a tattoo should have meaning or do you think its more opportunistic? 

I think that people should do whatever they want with their body. You think oranges are pretty and would look cool as a tattoo fuck yeah get some damn orange tattoos! They don’t have to mean anything as long as you love them. 

4. If you were to start a YouTube channel, what kind of YouTuber would you be? What would you do on your channel?

If i ever did a YouTube channel I would probably be a vlog ranting about things I care about or that happen in college. I would mostly also want to make “lets play” videos with Bioshock and other games I love.

5.  Do you think everyone should aim to change the world/produce something/give back to the world in our lifetimes?

Do what you want it’s your life and don’t let people guilt you into dedicating your life to others. If it makes you happy to give back, do it. It’s never a bad thing to help those who need it but it’s also your life. 

6. Do you believe in aliens/extraterrestrials?

Yes definitely since there are multiple universes and many more galaxies out there why would we be the only life form? With how small we are in the universe it’s kind of crazy not to believe it. 

7. Tell me about the time you decided to make a major change to yourself or your life and it worked out great.

I have never really purposely tried to change myself so I can’t really answer this. I’ve tried to change myself and failed so yeah. 

8. Based on your blog, what kind of vibe do you think your followers get from you?

I have no clue because I blog such a variety of things, I go from superheros, to kawaii, to animals, to everything in between. I just hope that the people who follow me like it as much as I enjoy making it. 

9. Favorite super villain of all time?

The Joker definitely. I love the chaos behind him and how his silly plots turn dark. You never know what he would do next.  

10.  If you had to have just one social media, what would it be? Your choices include Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. 

I would keep Facebook since it’s the only one of those I actually check. I wouldn’t have a problem with chucking all 3. 

11. Do you think you are the epitome of your horoscope? If so, how.

I’m a Gemini so yes and no. I get bored easily, have complicated emotions, and clever, but I am not very outgoing. When I see Gemini posts I can usually relate to them.

Okay so here are my questions for you to answer!

1. If you could rescue one animal from the wild to live with you what would it be?

2. Describe your dream bedroom. What would it have in it/look like?

3. What is something that never fails to make you laugh?

4. Laptop or Desktop?

5. Favorite comic book character?

6. What college would you attend if money didn’t matter and you got accepted into any of them?

7. What is your favorite female character? (it can be from any media or game)

8. What hair color natural/unnatural do you wish you were born with?

9. If you could live in one fictional world what would it be?

10. Tell me something not a lot of people know about you?

11. What is your dream ice cream sundae composed of?


I choose you!














Is it true that straight boys eat footballs for breakfast

yeah everyday, the leather makes them feel more secure about their inability to satisfy women

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